Serious YUM!!

I made a much needed trip to my two favorite grocery stores this afternoon…Aldi and Trader Joe’s!  I’m extremely fortunate to live less than five miles from both stores, so my trips aren’t usually all that infrequent.  But I’m also fortunate enough to have three daughters who can grocery shop for me when I’m busy (and I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks), so it seems like ages since I’ve been to my own little grocery shopping paradise!!

One of the things I love about TJ’s is the little Tiki Hut near the back of the store…at least that’s where it is in my store!  Of course,  during the winter months, the hut always serves coffee…and anyone who knows me, knows that coffee is definitely one of my favorite things.  Here’s one of today’s purchases…

TJ's coffee

Then, there’s the monkey.  They always hide a stuffed purple monkey that kids have to find.  And when they can tell the cashier where they found the monkey, they’re treated to a free goodie…and of course, because it’s Trader Joe’s, it’s always an artificial ingredient-, preservative-free treat!!

But I digress….the Tiki Hut also usually offers some type of food to sample…often a recipe that can be completely (and easily) prepared from Trader Joe’s items.  Today’s offering was simply scrumptious!  So much so, that I just HAD to make it for dinner!  I’m gonna grill some chicken and have this salad as a side dish!  Mmmm….can’t wait till dinner!

1 bag organic Super Sweet Corn
2 cans TJ’s Cuban Black Beans
1 tub TJ’s Party Size Salsa (this is fresh salsa…not in a jar!)
1 tsp. Cumin (or to taste)

Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly.  Makes 9 cups.  This is great served with tortilla chips and avocado!

Salsa Salad

Salsa, Corn & Black Bean Salad....yum!!