You say “ancient history” like it’s a bad thing.

It’s confession time.  Ancient history is not my thing.  And even worse I have to admit that as a homeschool mom/teacher, I managed to instill the same apathy toward the study of ancient history in my children that I have always possessed.  Imagine my surprise and delight when a recent blog post revealed that my firstborn has begun to overcome this gap in her homegrown education.  And even more surprising is the fact that with her post she’s actually managed to plant a seed of interest in ancient history within me.  I actually want to read some of the books she recommended.

Here’s an excerpt.  But if you want to see her reading recommendations, you’ll have to click over and read the whole post.

“In fact, one thing I saw this year for the first time is how, from the world’s perspective, the story of God and His people is actually pretty tiny. In the books about ancient Rome, the land of Judea is simply one place in a list of many places under Rome’s thumb. At the time, it wasn’t considered “special” to the Romans. In some of the books we read this year, it isn’t mentioned at all. Similarly, the Romans crucified thousands of people. In their records, Jesus is just one of the many who died that gruesome death, probably not even bolded or footnoted. How much more amazing is it, then, when we realize God’s story is anything but tiny? A tiny baby born to insignificant parents in an insignificant town, barely a blip in the timeline of human history, became the entire purpose – the point – of all human history. The rest of the world’s history pales in comparison.”

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