Some Advertising Wisdom from Yesteryear

In today’s culture it can be much worse to allow your children to watch advertisements than to allow them to view the programming the ads accompany.  The same is typically true of advertisements in magazines, on billboards, and on the internet.  Not only are today’s ads often R-rated (or worse,) they are usually presented without integrity.  We’re never sure whether we can trust the line that the advertiser would have us buy!  It all makes us look back with nostalgia at the “good 0l’ days” when you could trust advertisers to provide you with trust-worthy information in a clean, non-offensive way.  Right?

Have you voted for my blogging partner, Arby, yet today. He’s a finalist in the Homeschool Dads category on the Homeschool Social Media Awards being hosted by Alpha Omega Publications. Arby and I are the writers over at The Homeschool Apologist. If you haven’t voted yet, head over and vote now! And don’t forget, you can vote for all your favorites once each day!!


7 responses

  1. Oh, my! LOL I guess I thought that “old ads” were much better than the ones that we have now, but I guess ads have ALWAYS been annoying! 😉 Thanks for sharing…and stopping by my blog!

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