Weddings, Gardens, and Independence Day…

Last weekend, all four of my children were in the wedding of a dear friend.  The girls have been been friends with Emily…more like sisters, really…for more than 20 years.  They’ve share both the blessings and the hardships of growing up “in ministry.”  It’s created a bond that is unbreakable.  It was a wonderful weekend with laughter, tears, and lots of makeup and hairspray!!

Summer has finally arrived in Northern Illinois and our garden is finally looking like a garden!  In fact, we’ve even eaten some peas!  Now, if only the tomatoes would ripen.

And finally, I was asked to write an Independence Day guest post over at The Homeschool Village!  You can hop over HERE.  Happy Independence Day!


8 responses

  1. Dontcha just love technology that allows you to keep in touch? Love the pics of the girls (and that one boy!). You’re a lovely family, and if I had my way you’d be packaged up and overnighted to NH.

    • If I had my way, I’d pack and ship us there myself!! I miss NH and all the wonderful people who enriched our lives for 7 beautiful years! If you can find us both really great paying jobs, we’ll be there in a heartbeat, okay?!! 🙂

      So glad to have connected with you here in the blogosphere and in Tweetland!! I’m a bit of a social media junkie….there I’ve said it. And, well coffee too. But besides those two little vices, I’m perfectly fine.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. LOL!!! Sounds good to me 🙂 Although I am having serious withdrawal signs not being able to check my computer/phone as often as I do at home/traveling..

    The way I look at it is we (Christians) need to be a light in the blogosphere, too 🙂

  3. Would it be possible for me to purchase copies of the “Sibley” letters from you? My maiden name is Sibley, and you don’t see that often. I am intrigued! Please let me know, and how much. I will be glad to pay you. Thanks- Cindy Sibley Lau

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