The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

The Homeschool Chick
In my life this week…

In a word…winter.

The Blizzard of 2011.  It had lots of names.




Whatever you want to call it—we survived it.  In fact, we enjoyed it.

In our homeschool this week…

Homeschool took another hit this week.  Last week and the week before it was colds and flu.  This week, company from out of town, and of course, the blizzard kept us from our normal school week schedule.  We still managed to complete most of our work in most of our subjects, though.  Notice how I make myself feel better with that little word “most”?

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We didn’t go as many places or see as many people this week.  We were “snowed-in” for two days.  Not snowed inside…just snowed at home.  Though we didn’t go anywhere, we got to spend time with some of the best people around.  Laughing.  Shoveling together.  Helping each other.

When our next-door neighbor sustained a nasty snow-blower injury, the rest of the neighborhood jumped into action.  One neighbor helped them get to the ER, despite the fact that our street was still covered with 20″ of snow.  Two more helped me and my husband finish clearing their driveway and un-burying their mailbox.   My daughters watched their three children and helped me make them dinner.   I have really great neighbors.  Sometimes it takes a blizzard to make you slow down for long enough to notice.

My favorite thing this week…
Being snowed in for 2 days with my five favorite people in the whole world.

What’s working/not working for us…
The thing that’s the hardest right now is trying to find the balance between work, homeschool and home-making.  I love working from home.  It gives me so much flexibility.  But it’s hard.  The balance is hard to find.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

Can I really make it another 12 years?  Sometimes I’m not so sure.

A photo to share…

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5 responses

  1. Balance is an illusion. I had a November and a December where balance wasn’t even a word in our home or homeschool. You guys are awesome for helping your neighbor so much. Kudos to all!

  2. “Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…
    Can I really make it another 12 years? Sometimes I’m not so sure.”

    Reread everything you’ve ever written about why you homeschool, and then look at Jimmy. Tell me that you can’t. Just try. I dare you.

    You won’t get past “I ca-“

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