Link Up: Accomplishment (well, sort of….)

Time to link up at The Homeschool Village with our week’s accomplishments!  Well, sickness has hindered yet another week of accomplishment in our home.  At least the normal kind.

Normally we do accomplish things.  We classify sentences.  We do math.  We learn about Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  We read.  You know….normal school stuff…like this.

But the beginning of this week was different.   Fever and a cough kept Jimmy on the couch instead of at the table accomplishing normal 1st grade stuff.   So instead of doing school, he took pictures with my iPod….lots of pictures.  Let’s just call it Photography 101.  Frankly, I think he’s got talent.  Okay….maybe not.  But he had fun!

He’s better now.  I think maybe we’ll do school.

Oh and by the way….I hope my NEXT week’s accomplishments include winning THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY at An Untraditional Home!!  (FYI…the Giveaway ends today!!)


12 responses

  1. this is fantastic – thanks for sharing a glimpse into your homeschool life! I am so cracking up laughing over the cat photo – I feel like that every morning!!

    Thanks for linking up to The HSV!!

    • Not great to feel sick but it DOES sometimes make them have the itch to get back to schoolwork, doesn’t it?
      Love the photography, Jimmy. I think you have a talent there 🙂

  2. I love those pictures! Photography is an elective, right? It looks to me like he learned a lot about composition (or something, I’m not a photographer)! Count it as school!

    I’m glad he’s feeling better, and I hope you’re able to get back to some of your “regular” schooling soon!


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