Feeding the Hungry…a HUGE Accomplishment

I’m a bit late for yesterday’s Homeschool Village Link-up, but, well….that’s usually my life!! 🙂  Besides the “link-up”, yesterday’s post also contains the answers to the Panel’s third question:  What homeschool planning resources do you use? What do you like best about it? Read the panel’s responses (including my own), and see what some of the others who linked up have accomplished this week!!

My family had an wonderful family night last night….and it turned out to be my biggest accomplishment of the week…hands down!

Last night, our whole family (even my three 20+ daughters) attended a “packing event” hosted by Bright Hope International and Feed My Starving Children. In about 90 minutes, our “station” packaged enough meals to keep 39 Haitian children fed for 1 year!! And boy, does that make you feel good!

Each station consisted of the materials and equipment to package and box high protein meals for children.  Three volunteers scooped the dry ingredients: vitamin/mineral-enriched vegetarian “chicken powder”,  dehydrated veggies, extruded soy nuts, and rice, into small plastic bags.  Two more volunteers weighed the bags and adjusted the amount of rice to bring the weight within the required limits (380-400 grams).  Then two more volunteers (my 7 year old helped me with this part!) sealed the bags….definitely a “four-hand” job!!  Then a “packer” packed the bags into boxes…36 bags per box.  Warehouse volunteers kept the ingredients filled and the boxes moving!  The system was incredibly well-planned and efficient!  I wish I had been able to take pictures of the process, but I was working too hard!!

In about 90 minutes our station packed 16 boxes.  With 36 bags per box, and enough for 6 meals in each bag, that’s 3,456 meals!!   But we weren’t alone!  There were 6 stations working last night!  In about 90 minutes 66 boxes were packed…that’s 14,256 meals!!  Enough to feed 39 children for 1 year!  It made my heart swell to know that we were doing something that was going to have a direct impact in the lives of Haitian children!

We can’t WAIT to go again!

Click here for information about volunteering!

My family making a fashion statement!!


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