Do Homeschoolers WANT a Tax Break?

An article in the New York Times Opinion Pages has supporters and critics of homeschooling debating the idea of giving homeschoolers tax credits.  While having a few extra dollars in our pockets might seem like a great idea, a tax break that comes with “strings attached” could mean more trouble than the money is worth.

It’s likely that tax credits for homeschoolers would not be offered without strings.  Our puppet legislators, and the lobbyists who pull their strings, are not in the business of doing favors for homeschoolers.  Money isn’t free. And it’s what comes with the money that would have many homeschoolers questioning whether or not they want to check the credit box on their tax return.

So is there Room for Debate…Do Homeschoolers Deserve a Tax Break? Read the debate and decide for yourself.

UPDATED:  Find some additional commentary on this debate on Spunky HomeSchool’s blog HERE!


4 responses

  1. Guy and I have had this discussion numerous times over the years. And we have unequivocally decided that we’ll take freedom. We’ll forego any tax breaks just to keep Uncle Sam OUT!

  2. Love your blog!!!!

    No no and no. While I generally don’t say ‘No’ to money, the idea of giving more power over homeschoolers to the morons we elect to ‘represent’ us makes me recoil in alarm. I live in a state with some state requirements for homeschoolers. More than some states, less than others. The last thing we need is more interference.

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