The Evolution of a Living Room

Our house has been a work in progress.   When we left our ministry of 18 years 6 years ago, we were extremely thankful for the Lord’s provision of this house.  It was kind of “icky” at the time, but we’ve been able to turn it into a truly wonderful home for our family!  We continue to be very thankful for this little house!!  There are still a few minor improvements that we would like to make, but getting rid of the carpet and having the floor refinished was one of the “biggies.”   This “time lapse” series of photographs shows the transformation of the living room over the last 6 years.  The first pictures were taken the day we closed on the house…the last ones were take just last week!  After we get the new railing, I’ll have to post a couple more pictures!!


5 responses

  1. I am so excited about this! For you guys, for your wood floor, for Jimmy who will soon discover the amazing playing possibilities of a shiny floor, and for myself because it gives me just one more reason to come and see you. Not that I needed any more : )

    • Ironically, most of these “before” pictures are actually “after” pictures! Every time I made some type of improvement, I took a picture so it just worked out that all the “after” pictures became “before” pictures!! Even the newest pictures will become “before” pictures after we have our new banister installed!

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