Move over, Whoopi. It’s HomeschoolView.TV

I guess technically, my role as the fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof way back in 1980 was my real acting debut.  That role required that I wear a beard…and men’s pants.  And that I climb onto a rickety roof.  In the dark.  With a violin.  I try not to think about it too often.

I’ve never really been great in front of an audience.  Or in front of the camera.  But a few weeks ago I had the chance to give the ladies at “The View” a run for their money.   Several months ago, Alpha Omega Publications created HomeschoolView.TV, a series of informational “TV” episodes for homeschoolers.  The episodes cover a broad range of topics that AOP hopes will both encourage and inform families at all stages of the homeschool journey.  We taped twelve episodes while I was in IA last month…this was one of the the first.  I think I look just a wee bit “out of my element.”  I’m hoping I look a bit more comfortable in some of the others!!


So what do you think?  Should I send my resumé to Barbara Walters?



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