Summer’s Last Gasp…

Summer is almost a memory.

Over the last several months we’ve enjoyed several trips up North and have enjoyed day-trip excursions to Cantigny, Kline Creek Farm, and LOTS and LOTS of bike rides!!  Though I hate to see summer go, the hustle and bustle of fall activity and the beauty of the changing seasons is something to look forward to!  Nina’s back in school, and Janna has ramped up her studies again as she nears the completion of her degree.   On Monday, Darcy and Jimmy both start school (more about that next week!), and my fall projects are well underway.

But before it’s all gone, here’s just a bit of what summer brought us this year!

Jimmy and Daddy chillin’ at Cantigny:

Enjoying our yard and the fruitful yield of Jim’s garden:

Kickin’ back with a good book up at Grandma and Grandpa’s Lakehouse:

Enjoying some time on the water:

Getting up close-and-personal with a little bit of wildlife:

We’ll miss you, Summer!  Hurry back!


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    • I meant to leave links…thanks for the reminder! You have GOT to go to Cantigny the next time you’re in town!! It’s fantastic now….the war museum, tanks to climb on, beautiful formal gardens, an “interactive” fountain (in other words…one you can get wet in!), mansion to tour, tons to do…for free! The war museum has been totally changed since you were a kid. It’s amazing now! You and Melissa with your military experiences and backgrounds would LOVE it!!! Next time…that’s where we’ll finally meet!

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