Questioning a Rabbi? Really, Arby?

If you’re running low on pencils, you might not want to read Arby’s new post, Shalom, Rabbi Dude,  over at The Homeschool Apologist.  When I read it myself this morning, I nearly broke my pencil right in half!

Mind you, it isn’t Arby’s writing that will make your blood pressure rise. It’s the article that Arby is reviewing that’s well…just infuriating! I’m not sure how this very ill-informed Rabbi feels qualified to write such a post—he clearly doesn’t know the first thing about homeschooling or homeschoolers—but well, here’s a taste of what’s coming.

“Parents should be aware that total home schooling can cause as many problems as it solves.”

So head on over…but you better put your pencil down first…..


4 responses

  1. Quite a few years ago Blondie and I took our pet to the veterinarian. It was during school hours. He asked why she wasn’t in school. Blondie said “I am, I’m homeschooled.”

    The vet paused and looked at her and then said….. “well, she seems to be doing okay.”

    So there you go. I had the veterinarian’s approval.

    I have since developed enough fortitude to respond better than my little meek, “yes, she is.”

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