A New Blogging Venture…

Homeschooling Works

Yesterday, on my way home from Wisconsin, I checked my email and found a wonderful invitation from one of my favorite bloggers.   The often hilarious Arby from Boarding in Bedlam emailed me an invitation that I absolutely could NOT refuse!  Arby recently began a new homeschool blogging venture and has invited me to join him in authoring this new blog.  The Homeschool Apologist is dedicated to the belief that the institution of homeschooling deserves to be defended as more than “just another option”.  While Arby and I will both continue to blog about family and life on our own blogs, we will use The Homeschool Apologist as a forum dedicated to responding to the criticism that continues to be leveled against the institution of homeschooling AND against families that choose to homeschool.  And we hope our readers will not only be drawn into the discussion, but that The Homeschool Apologist will provide them with the information needed to become well-equipped apologists themselves!  Stop by and have a look!!


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