Vacation bound!

The Northwoods are calling me!!  I’m heading North as I speak (gotta love mobile hotspots!!) to the most beautiful place in the world (at least in my book!!)  For the next 9 days, life will consist of sunning, swimming, drinking coffee, kayaking, water-skiing, reading, playing, relaxing, drinking coffee, eating, sleeping and not much else (did I mention drinking coffee?)  Life is good.

Here’s where I’ll be…

Stormy Lake at Sunset

Jealous much?


7 responses

  1. Oh my goodness!! COMPLETELY jealous!!

    Oh, and guess what? I will likely be coming by the Expo after all. SO…I shall look up the AOP exhibit and happen by at some point!! 🙂

    • Oh yeah!!! I’ll be watching for you!!

      I’m experiencing internet withdrawals up here. My mobile wifi unit is broken so I can’t get internet at my parent’s cottage. I have to go into town to connect. (of course that also means I have to drink lots of good coffee while I’m there!!)

      See (meet) you next week!! 🙂

  2. I’m back again to lose myself in that AMAZING picture!! I hope you’re having a great time. Not jealous here. No, not one bit!

    If you want the full story on how I finally gave in to temptation, visit my blog. (Not now, though. Enjoy your vacation first!!)

  3. Jealous? No, not me… (she said as she sank deep in her seat, staring out her wet window, wondering if she’d ever see the sun again…. ) 🙂 Have a WONDERFUL time!

    • Oh Arby! I saw you were in Wisconsin and wondered if you were going to be going through the Chicago area! Bummer. Sounds like your vacation was fun!! But trust me….no lake is as beautiful as this one!! Okay…maybe I’m a bit biased! Maybe. 🙂

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