Lessons from World Cup Soccer

My cousin, Dan, is a new blogger.  He’s also one of the funniest people I know.

Hold that thought…I’ll get back to the point in just a minute.  I hope Dan’s in a somewhat forgiving mood, because I found a picture of us from a few years back.  Dan’s the one sitting on Grandpa’s lap (nice saddle shoes, Dan) and I’m sitting on Grandma’s lap…yeah, I’m the one with food on the corner of my mouth.  Some things NEVER change!

Old family pic

Anyway, back to the point.  Not only is Dan a great writer, but he’s also my son’s favorite wrestling partner. Whenever he comes over for a visit (not nearly often enough), Jimmy greets him by jumping on him and dragging him to the ground. Their wrestling matches can last for hours.

This summer, however, Jimmy took up a brand new sport.

Jimmy soccer

However, my budding soccer player still has a few things to learn about the finer points of the game….like how to kick the ball and run at the same time.   Well a couple of weeks ago, in lieu of a wrestling match, Dan and Jimmy decided to kick the ball around in the backyard.  Dan saw the need (he’s got a tremendous grasp of the obvious) and quickly seized on the teachable moment.  But it’s entirely possible that Dan’s been watching too much World Cup Soccer, because the lessons that Jimmy came away with might not be the lessons that Jimmy’s coach would place at the top of his priority list.

Now in all honesty, this post is really just a shameless plug for Dan’s blog.  So now if you’ll just mosey on over to DanielDSchell’s Blog, you can read Dan’s account of the lessons he’s learned from watching World Cup soccer these last few weeks.

And when you get there, you might also agree that Dan did a great job teaching Jimmy what it takes to become a world class soccer player.

Thanks, Dan.  I owe you.


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