"Mostly Dead" is "Slightly Alive"….

It’s been….well…a really long time since I blogged.  A few lame excuses come to mind.

  • Life (sometimes it just gets in the way)
  • Boredom (I simply couldn’t seem to get excited about writing about anything)
  • Lack of motivation (it all just seemed like too much work!!)

Well, last week Homeschool Blogger rolled out their brand new WordPress format, and though I originally thought the change would result in the final and complete death of The Joyful Journey, to my great surprise, instead of killing it, the change has instead breathed new life into it.

The words of the wise Miracle Max seem oddly appropriate,

“There’s a difference between mostly dead and all dead.  Mostly dead is slightly alive.”

This afternoon (when I really should have been working), I decided to experiment with the recently “upgraded” (and very sad looking) WordPress version of my long-abandoned blog.  And as it turns out, The Joyful Journey was only mostly dead.  I applied a new template to my barely breathing blog, and—voila—the fresh new look was just what was needed to bring it back to life again!

So now, here I am—once again making an attempt at writing about life and homeschooling—all in the hope that I’ll write something that someone will find interesting and/or helpful.  Life is still busy and I might get bored again…but for now, The Joyful Journey is mostly alive!!

Now, I wonder where I can find some mostly alive readers?


6 responses

  1. I can’t believe this. I went to your blog for the first time on Monday of this week just to see if I had been missing anything – and found out that I hadn’t. And I was disappointed. So I, for one, am glad to see you back. You write very interesting blogs. You are a good writer! And I’m not prejudiced – just your Mom! 🙂

  2. Yahoo! I am going to add your blog to my sidebar. Put another post up and I’m going to write a huge shout out for the return of The Joyful Journey!

    This is very cool.

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