Photo Hunt: Scary

This week’s Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket theme is SCARY.

That’s a REALLY scary ghost on my son’s cheek!!


Now this is REALLY scary….this is my husband and me almost 25 years ago.  What’s really scary is how good my husband looks as a girl!



21 responses

  1. Your son is adorable and your husband..well..the funny thing is that I almost put up a photo with my husband dressed as a cheerleader for Halloween….that is so funny. Thank you for visiting my lawn sign election post…

  2. a pretty scary thought indeed he he but in fairness, he gave justice to the role!

    how could someone think of that ghost as scary with your little son as background?

  3. Oooo, scary ghost on SUCH an adorable little guy. His expression is priceless.

    Great phot of you and you hubby. Too funny.

    Thanks for the visit. I love Saturdays

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