"Why I Homeschool" Revisited

In celebration of my 1-year "blogoversary" (which was actually last month!), I am revisiting one of my very first posts.  As a new blogger, I wanted my readers (though at the time, I didn’t actually have any readers!) to gain insight into who I was as a person and as a homeschooler.   Well, I was in for one gigantic shock when hundreds of readers "stumbled" into my brand new little home in the blogosphere and found something to relate to!  Well, in the year that has passed since I first published "Top 10 Reasons Why I Homeschool,"  I have added a few more good reasons to homeschool to the list. 

So today, in celebration of one year of blogging, I leave you with a few more reasons why I homeschool.
  • I prefer to choose the time, place, and manner for educating my children in the use (misuse) of recreational drugs as well as the consequences of such use
My friend’s 6th grader waits at the bus stop every morning with a group of middle school and high school students.  She knew the older kids were smoking, but didn’t realize WHAT they were smoking.  Several weeks into the school year, a construction worker employed by my friend drove by the bus stop and noticed a suspicious odor wafting through the air!  He told my friend, who in turn called both schools. 

Cue: "Whacha gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys, bad boys, whacha gonna do?"

Several days later the kids at the bus stop had the privilege of experience what most people only get to see on COPS!.  A police car raced up to the stop and two officers jumped out and performed a "drug bust" right there at the bus stop.  They targeted only the guilty parties (thankfully), dumped a pile of marijuana and "paraphernalia" on the hood of the cruiser, and promptly hauled the bad boys off to the police station. Wow.  Not your typical morning at the bus stop. Thanks, but no thanks.  My kids can learn about drugs in slightly less dramatic fashion.

But just in case some public school kids miss out on learning about drugs at the bus stop, maybe they can find this book in their school library. 

  • I prefer to choose the time, place, and manner of my child’s sex education. 
Pretty much all that needs to be said about this particular subject is contained in the story itself.  CLICK HERE.  (Incidentally, all charges were dropped against this man, but the school STILL refuses to notify parents when homosexuality will be discussed in the school’s classes…even kindergarten classes!) Even more horror stories out of Massachusetts here.

  • Homework is a waste of time.
If a child understands what the teacher taught, homework is redundant…and a waste of time.  If a child doesn’t understand what the teacher taught, the homework will only be confusing…and a waste of time.  The 6th grade student that lives next door to me does between 2-3 HOURS of homework some nights. That’s insane.  The kid just spent almost 8 hours in school.  As adults we get paid overtime for anything over 8 hours.  If you can’t teach what you need to in 8 hours, you shouldn’t be teaching.  Period. 

  • Homeschool is WAY cheaper than public school.
I cannot believe how much it costs my friends and relatives to send their children to public (taxpayer funded!) school. WAY more than it costs me to homeschool (not taxpayer funded!) And my kids are getting a better education. Hands down.

  • Liberal politics have completely ruined education in our country.

The more liberal our nation becomes, the worse our nation’s schools become. They (the liberals) think that if you just throw more money at the system, you can fix the problems. They think that if you can just get the kids in the system earlier, you can make them smarter.  If you think it’s bad now, just wait until Barak Obama (if he actually wins) and his ilk gain complete control of our government and our schools. (For a great commentary on Obama’s vision for America’s schools, head on over to A Woman on Purpose for this great post) As the government seeks to exert more and more control over the children placed in their care, situations like the one that is playing out in Lexington, MA, will become the norm rather a single isolated incident. 

I could go on and on.  The list keeps growing.  Maybe on my second anniversary I’ll add some more!  But in the meantime, my conviction remains strong.  If you want to protect your children emotionally, physically, and spiritually AND provide them with the best education money can buy, save yourself some money and bring them home!! 

9 responses

  1. It's sad that those incidents even happen at all, but when we start to burn out, they're the reminders we need as to why we homeschool.


  2. thanks for the confirmation! I've been a bit weary lately and we haven't been on top of things. But I'm convinced what I'm doing is still better than sending her to public school!

  3. Linda, you know I'm an advocate of homeschooling and I'm still homeschooling three of my five, but I'm going to have to disagree with you on two of these points.

    1) Homework isn't a waste of time. While a child may understand a lesson perfectly well, homework helps solidify the concepts. Repetition is a valuable tool, and working on a concept introduced earlier in the day, and doing it shortly before going to sleep, helps the mind to file away and retain the information.

    2) Homeschooling may be cheaper to SOMEbody (the state, perhaps?) but it's FAR from cheaper to ME. It costs me WAY, WAY more to homeschool than it did to ship them off to school. First, there's curriculum. Yes, I get a curriculum that's relatively inexpensive and I reuse it for the younger kids. But at government school, I didn't have to fork out a penny. Second, my job. No, I didn't work full time like some moms do, but I supplemented a little by working at WIC where I was able to take along my breastfeeding baby. Third, (and this is a biggie) was food. Yes, free lunches didn't cost me a penny, and suddenly my budget had to cover an additional fifty meals a week. That was a real hit, let me tell you. Fourth, other expenses like extra electricity from everybody being home all day, and water from the thousand extra flushes and handwashes. And, computers. Pre-homeschooling we had two. Whee! Now we have eight.

    No, I can't anticipate sending my kids back to school for any reason, but I have to be honest and say that I see a good reason for homework, and that homeschooling costs us big-time money.


  4. Home schooling can be as expensive or as cheap as a person chooses to make it. That all depends upon your effort, your time and energy, and your creativity.

    There is no blanket educational tool that can be used effectively on all children. Just as some children are tactile learners, some children are readers, and some children learn through lecture/discussion, some children need homework while for others it is a complete waste of time. Boring, redundant, repetitious work kills the educational drive of a student who gets it the first time and retains it thereafter. Please pardon a painting metaphor used about writing, but when we write about our homeschools we tend to paint education with broad strokes, frequently from a very personal perspective, when we should use a smaller brush for detailed work, (describing our own homeschool) and a larger brush for the background (our reader’s homeschools). I’d bet Cathy’s homeschool is effective for her children but not so effective for Prodoceo’s children, and vice versa. I’d also bet that both are whiz bang homeschools. We (educational bloggers) sometimes fail to accurately capture these distinctions in our writing. That is the nature of a blog.

  5. These are the reasons that I homeschool. Others may have different reasons.

    Bottom line….for me homeschooling is cheaper…hands down. It might not be for you, so that's probably not one of your reasons. That's okay. You were lucky not to have to pay a single penny to send your kids to government schools. Parents in my school district (and surrounding districts) pay fees, they pay for books, they pay for field trips, they pay for room parties, and they pay for supplies–extra tennis shoes, gym uniforms, kleenex, paper towels, plastic bags, crayons, markers, paper, pencils, pens, pencil boxes, scissors, USB flash drives, notebooks, etc, for their kids to bring to the classroom. Then there's school clothes. Don't even get me started on that one. And for me making lunch is much cheaper than sending lunch with my kids or buying school lunch. No free lunch for my kids.

    And I think homework for 1st graders and "busy work" that keeps kids from their families is NOT helpful. As a tutor I often help my clients with their homework. 90% of what they have to do is NOT helpful to them. Period. It's busy work…plain and simple. And it's busywork that takes time away from play, relaxing, being with family, etc. That's not good.

    So, sorry, but for me these ARE the reasons why I homeschool. It's my story and I'm sticking with it!

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