A Flashback for Kellieann: Of Babies and Baseball

I was moved with compassion yesterday while visiting Kellieann’s Blog.  She’s got 8 weeks left in her pregnancy, and is wondering if she’s gonna make it to the end!  I am feeling her pain.  Her post took me back. It was five years ago that I was right where she is…just a few uncomfortable weeks away from having a baby.  The Cubs were in the playoffs then, too…indeed, they almost made it to the World Series! (Remember Steve Bartman?)


Well, five years ago, during my less-than-wonderful pregnancy with little "shock and awe", my just-out-of-med-school doctor regularly responded to my many pregnancy complaints with "You’re not as young as you used to be" and "Don’t expect it to be as easy as it was when you were in your 20’s."  Wise guy.


So, having "been there and done that", I thought I might try to encourage Kellieann with a few additions to her exercise in positive thinking.
  • "Babies are easier when they’re on the inside."  This little bit of wisdom was uttered by the 6-year old daughter of a very pregnant friend of mine.  I asked her if she was excited for her baby brother to be born. Her response? "Nope, babies are easier when they’re on the inside."  You know, there’s a lot of truth to that!

  • You’ve got the best ever excuse to sit with your feet up and read, listen to music, eat bonbons, watch the Cubs win the world series….whatever makes you happy! You won’t have this privilege again for a long time…if ever!

  • I know you’re not quite as old as I was, but it’s possible that this will be your last pregnancy. It’s a miracle from beginning to end. Don’t wish it away.

  • And of course, before too long you’ll be sitting in the hospital looking like this:


Hang in there, my friend….the biggest prize is going to be here VERY soon!!



3 responses

  1. Awwww…thanks! Totally enjoyed the post. Misery loves company, I guess…even if it was five years ago. Love the Cubs outfit. I've been fearful of wearing my tee-shirt in fear that I'll stretch it out too much. =)

  2. That was a sweet trip down memory lane! =D

    Thanks for sharing it with us. Though I have to admit it was scary for me to have another at 33… Can't imagine going later. But then, I'm a big wimp. =P

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