Summer 2008: Photo Journal–Part 2

Summer is all about fun–sunning, swimming, picnicking, and playing baseball. Right?  Okay, so that’s only true when you’re a kid, but a girl can dream, can’t she? 

When I wasn’t lounging and playing (or fantasizing about lounging and playing) the activity that consumed the bulk of my time and energy was work. For months now I’ve been blaming my pathetic lack of blogging activity on the fact that I’ve been working.  Lest anyone begin to question my sincerity, I’d like to provide some visual evidence that the near death of my blog was NOT simply a side effect of overindulgence in a life of leisure.

I LOVE my job as a homeschool consultant and tech writer for Alpha Omega Publications.  All summer I get to travel all over the country representing AOP at homeschool conventions.  This summer I got to go to exciting places like Long Beach, Atlanta, San Antonio, Worcester, Peoria, Cincinnati, Knoxville, St. Charles (IL), and Wichita.  Okay, so Wichita isn’t all that exciting.  Sorry, Kansans, but your state just isn’t an overly stimulating place…unless of course you happen to be in the fabric section of a local Walmart with Arby.  Now, THAT would be very interesting!  But still, I find that even the most boring places are worth visiting because of all the homeschoolers I get to connect with.  It’s definitely the part of my job I wouldn’t give up for anything…even though traveling can try my patience at times!  Here’s a bit of photographic evidence that I really do work when I travel…oh, and my daughter can attest to the fact that there are usually people sitting in those chairs across the table from me!



Even when I’m not traveling, I’ve got plenty of work to keep me busy.  The first project that kept me from my blogging was recording sixty five-minute demo clips of the Switched-on Schoolhouse curriculum (which my children have used for the last 9 years).  That was fun…but a bit stressful.  My boss wanted to avoid time spent in post-production, so perfection was my goal!  If you know me, you know what a joke that is!  Here’s a link to one of the clips.  Unfortunately, I think you might need to create an account if you want to view it.  So, if you’ve got lots of extra time on your hands, just follow the link, click "Resources", then "On Demand Presentations".  Click any presentation link to hear my lovely voice!

The part of my job that I could possibly be convinced to do without (except that I really need the money!) is the tech writing part.  I’ve spent countless hours over the last 6 months writing product descriptions for AOP’s website.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for a job that allows me to stay home and work, but tech writing isn’t exactly the most exciting work in the world!  Here’s more photographic evidence of my industrious side…I know it only proves that I was sitting at the computer when the picture was being taken, but really, I sat here a lot this summer!  (and am still sitting here a lot these days!)


I did have opportunity to have lots of fun this summer and I have proof of that too!  Coming soon…Summer 2008: Photo Journal–Part 3!


3 responses

  1. Somewhere in Baghdad, the Boss is hanging her head in shame over the Walmart story, grateful that her parents do not read my blog. You say Kansas is boring? (Well, okay, it is…) and then brag about traveling to St. Charles and Peoria? PEORIA?! I don't even slow down for Peoria. I don't think I even cover the brakes for Peoria. Drivers speed up on the the I55 Autobahn just to pass through quicker. At least in Witchita you can find the original Pizza Hut (not a big attraction to a Chicago girl, I know) and the world's first WHITE CASTLE, which should have been the first thing you looked for upon arriving in our state's largest city. Peoria. Sheesh. I bet you had more fun in Rock River, Iowa!

  2. No thank you. My last week has been busy like that and I am so very, very done.

    My husband does help files for his company web site when there isn't programming that needs done and I can attest to the lack of interest aspect of it. 🙂

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