My crazy life…in a nutshell.

Oh, you are all so patient with me!! (Well, all except Arby, that is). It’s a funny thing about life and priorities…it’s when things get really crazy that you realize it’s time to stop and think about what’s really important.  And, as you’ve probably noticed, blogging isn’t currently one of the most important things in my life. (annoying, isn’t it?)

So, since some may be wondering what on earth could be more important than blogging, I thought I’d give you a quick update on what’s been going on in my life.

FAMILY: Yep, I still have one.  And, of course, that means homeschooling (I’m finishing up the year with a junior in high school and a preschooler), cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, planting and mowing, playing trains, reading books, playing T-ball, etc.  Other family members help out with many of these tasks, but, well, being a housewife and mom is still my #1 responsibility (and joy)!

WORK: I’m still working mad hours for Alpha Omega Publications. Since December, I’ve been working on copy-writing, recording demo’s, and now proofreading for our new website, which will hopefully launch very soon.  Hopefully then I can prove that I really have been working and not just sitting around watching Law and Order reruns or Chicago Cub games while dunking Oreo cookies in my coffee.  (Okay…so I do that once in awhile, too!)  While it is a HUGE blessing that the Lord has provided this work for me to do at home, working at home is a mixed blessing!  4-year-olds just don’t understand what you mean when you say (for the 20th time), "No, honey, not right now, mommy’s working."

TRAVEL: I LOVE this part of my job, but being away from home 4 days out of every 14 does get a bit crazy.  This Thursday, my daughter and I head to San Antonio for a convention.  Darcy travels with me in the summer months when she’s not in school, which is a gigantic bonus of this job!  Great experience for her…great traveling companion for me!  In the weeks ahead we will be in San Antonio, Wichita (are you gonna be there, Arby?), Knoxville (I’d love to meet some of my Tennessee blogging pals!), Long Beach, and Atlanta. 

CHURCH: We’ve always been actively involved in our church, but this year we’ve taken on just a bit more than we should have!  Our church is in the middle of a large building project and my husband is the project manager (no, it’s not a paid position!).  I have been putting in time on the decorating committee, painting, and sewing on top of my regular responsibilities in music ministry, high school Sunday School, and AWANA.  But, lo and behold, there IS a light at the end of this very long, very dark, tunnel.  Our final inspection is in two weeks and we might actually be able to make our evenings and weekends "our own" again. (Can you hear my HUGE sigh of relief?)

FUN: I DO make time for fun from time to time and here’s just a few of the things we’ve managed to fit in: 

A wonderful visit with some very special out-of-town friends:



A trip to Brookfield Zoo (If you’re ever in Chicago, be sure to visit this wonderful place!)


Lots of fragrant visits to beautiful Lilacia Park…



And lots of bike rides around town.

Well, I have LOTS of substantive blogs in my head just dying to be written, but I’m still having trouble finding the time to write them!  Soon….I promise! Thanks for continuing to stop by despite the lack of substance!! 


5 responses

  1. Will you be at the SMHEA fair in Knoxville? I'll try to remember to stop by your booth, if so! Part of the day I'll be at the American Heritage Girls table.

  2. It's great to read that you are happy and healthy. You sure are busy! I loved the picture you sent. What are the Witchita dates? I may not be able to make it, but I will be in your neck of the woods, with the kids, in August. Thanks for blogging!

  3. That was FANTASTIC substance! *grin* I mean, where else can I learn why I should stand back from the rhino exhibit but in YOUR slideshow! Loved it! :'D

    Glad you're getting a lot accomplished in this season. You'll look back on it wondering how it all happened…and what to do with all your spare time…eventually. *lol* Naw, I bet you'll know exactly what to do with spare time. ;')

    Have super week!

  4. Good to see ya' again! I'm just coming off of a 6-day hiatus myself. We've been crazy-busy ourselves.

    Enjoyed the Brookfield pics. Haven't been there since I was a kid. Last summer when we were there, we took the kids to Lincoln Park because that's my favoirte…and it's free!

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