Happy Birthday, Darcy!!

How did this happen?

Our first baby–the little girl who first made us a Mommy and Daddy–just turned 21!!  Since the first moment we laid eyes on her, and every moment since, she has been a joy and a delight!  Her sweet spirit and stubborn determination have combined to make her a force to be reckoned with.  Her love for the Lord and her desire to serve him have clearly become the guiding force of her life…and as parents, we could not ask for anything better than that!  We can hardly wait to see what the Lord has for her in the days and years ahead.

Now for a little stroll down memory lane with our "dark beauty"….



10 responses

  1. She is lovely…and all "growed" up. You must be thrilled to see a different section of the road, as in life after homeschooling. (I can't relate to that at all yet. . . )

    Hope you had a great conference!

  2. Happy Birthday to Darcy! Yipee! What a wonderful young lady you have… blessings to you both!

    BTW I posted a picture of Red and his bio sis….

  3. hello, my convention buddy. I hope we get some time to hang out while we're both here. what are you gonna do for lunch? do you think we'll get time for lunch? i wish it were more than just me and coie holding down the booth.
    I sure am excited to finally meet you IRL!

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    I saw your cute pic at JenIg's blog, so I thought I'd stop by and see if you back to blogging. So glad you are.

    So, who are you rooting for on AI? We like Jason Castro and David Cooke.

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