Go ahead…have another cup!

Thanks everyone for bearing with me as I continue to have little time for the fun things in life….like blogging!  My project deadline is March 1st, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! 

In lieu of a "real" post, I thought I’d pass on something that just made my day…heck it made my entire week!


Coffee drinkers are ALWAYS looking for reasons to feel less guilty about downing multiple cups of the most delicious poison known to man.  This article and its accompanying linked research will keep me indulging guilt-free for many years to come. Never mind that this article is written by a self-proclaimed caffeine addict.  Never mind that there is just as much research which tells me that coffee is bad for me.  Never mind those pesky little heart palpitations.  I’m not gonna have post work-out muscle pain, alzheimers, cirrhosis of the liver, Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinsons, or eyelid spasms!

So go grab a cup of coffee and then go read
this  and this….you’ll probably want to follow it up with another cup of coffee…for the health benefits, of course.


8 responses

  1. well, I like coffee. I prefer it straight… black, no sugar, no cream. I hear good and bad stories about it. I still drink it.

    My dad use to say "ever notice how someone has to die from something? You don't just die of old age anymore – they have to call it something. If you live long enough, something's going to get you."

    I don't know if that's related to coffee or not. But then, I've been a bit sick this past week.

    thanks for your comment on my blog. You are always so cheering to me.

  2. I haven't been able to purchase my favorite coffee pods for my Senseo machine. (I'm allergic to the Douwe Egberts that most people adore, so it's Cool Beans for me!) *sigh*

    Now, I'm wishing I could trade in my tea for some java. . .for the health benefits, of course!

  3. With my own RA I have enough good reasons to drink coffee (I feel better when I do) but you know, my grandmother has Parkinson's, my mom has a form of csyrosis of the liver not related to alcohol, and there are plenty more things on that list in my family. Go coffee!!! And it is interesting to point out that neither mom nor my grandmother are coffee drinkers, at all.

  4. Even better, more excuses- I mean, reasons! I just say I drink it for my children's health. Touch my coffee and it'll get ugly! =P

    March 1st is coming soon! Woo Hoo! We'll have you back! =D

  5. It has already happened. I had a particularly bad parent-principal meeting with myself last year. I was so angry at the principal that I jack-slapped myself around the kitchen. I retaliated by stomping on my own toes. It was ugly.

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