A VERY Scary Valentine's Day

At least 17 students at Northern Illinois University were injured in a shooting at the University this afternoon. For those of you who may remember that my daughter is a student at Northern Illinois University, I want to quickly let you know that she has contacted us and she is fine!  We are running out right now to pick her up and bring her home. 

We would thank you for your prayers for Darcy and her fellow students as they deal with the emotional fallout of experiencing a situation like this.  Please pray that in the days to come, that Darcy and others on campus who know and love the Lord would have opportunity to share the hope and peace that Christ can give.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Update: Darcy is home safe and sound.  At least 5 students were killed this afternoon. A close friend has an office on campus very near where the shooting occurred.  Two gunshot victims stumbled into her office as the shooting was taking place. She is quite distressed as you can imagine. Pray for her.

Darcy is in the process of trying to check on the well-being of her friends.  It appears that she did not know anyone who was injured or killed.  Her church (Harvest Bible Chapel) in DeKalb is hosting a prayer meeting tonight that is being covered by many news agencies, including the Chicago Tribune.  We are praying that the Lord’s name would be lifted up and magnified in the midst of this horrible tradegy.  Please continue to pray for everyone who has been affected. Darcy is already dreading going back to campus.


9 responses

  1. Oh yuck! Praying for her and others during this time…

    And, by the way, I probably will not be attending that conference you spoke of. I live south of Nashville, so Knoxville is about 2.5 -3 hours away, depending on where you'll be. Let me know as the time nears though. I could meet you for coffee or something half-way…around Cookeville, off I-40.

  2. I just heard about it and didn't realize that that was where she was–in fact I don't think I heard what university it was on the radio broadcast. Praying for her and those around her.

  3. My heart is breaking over what happened at NIU. I'm so thankful for the Lord's protection over Darcy and her roommates, but cringe with every new update. Those at ACAC who were still on campus when I heard the news were praying for your family and that you'd soon hear from Darcy, and will continue to pray that the Lord will use her to minister to those she encounters in the days to come. Love you guys! – Jane

  4. I completely forgot that it was Darcy's school! I'm so thankful she's home safe and sound but I am so sorry for that whole tragedy! =(

    I will be praying!

  5. When T.S. Garp was house hunting a small aircraft crashed into the side of the house he was looking at. He immediately turned to the realtor and announced, "We'll take it!" Why? He reasoned that the house was now safe because the odds of another plane crashing into the side of it were so remote. We have a history of school shootings in our country, but no repeat school shootings. NIU is now safer than it was before yesterday. Please tell Darcy to return to school with confidence.

  6. I've thought and prayed for Darcy and others everytime I hear about this on the news. I truly hope that her transition back to school will be peaceful.

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