Photo Hunter: Heavy

This week’s Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket theme is Heavy.  

I’ve got two very different takes on the theme this week. 

The first picture is of a very HEAVY pumpkin all loaded up and ready to go to the Topsfield Fair.  For East Coast Pumpkin growers, winning at Topsfield is what it’s all about!  In 2003, the year this picture was taken, the winning pumpkin was 1301 pounds.  This pumpkin, third place at Topsfield and grown by our friend in Deering, NH, was 1121 pounds.


My second picture needs only a song…

"He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!"



21 responses

  1. Those are awesome! Our neighbors used to do the giant pumpkin thing. And I can relate to the daughter with son–my baby brother was 5 when we got married and I danced holding him because he was too small to dance with me otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very nice photo, can't believe there's such big pumpkin! that is pretty much heavy! and the 2nd photo is a nice shot,too…a nice memories to remember.

  3. That is one huge pumpkin!!!! Love the song, and brother/sister photo, too! Thanks for stopping by the creek – and glad you appreciated my Dubya photo. Emily said it illustrated her feelings that she was "safe under President Bush". Have a wonderful weekend.


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