I'm baaaack!

Well, Rock Rapids, IA, was all that I expected it to be.


-25F on Thursday morning as I drove to work. That’s degrees.  Below zero.


Wind chill…I didn’t even want to know what the wind chill was.


Only about 4-6 inches…but the drifts across the roads…oh my.

It is most definitely NOT a big city. Not even a small suburb.

There was a Pizza Hut and a Subway. Oh, and a grocery store called Sunshine Foods with a deli serving "Taco Tuesdays".  I had a chicken salad croisant.

And yes, Arby, there were murals.

I didn’t see all 17 of them, but the ones I saw were…um…well, interesting!  In all honesty, a couple of them actually were interesting.

But despite Rock Rapids not exactly being my "cup of tea", I had a wonderful week.  I stayed with a good friend and worked with a GREAT group of people at Alpha Omega Publications.  The project is not completely done, so blogging is still on a back burner.  But don’t worry.  I haven’t completely removed it from the stove!


And when AOP’s new website is launched in the spring there will be a contest on my blog. So stay tuned.


Thanks for hanging in there with me!  I hope to visit lots of blogs over the next few days and try to catch up! 



6 responses

  1. Woo Hoo! She's back! =D
    When you're all caught up, will we get to find out just what you were doing when you abandoned us? Or is that waiting for spring? =D

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