Let it Snow!

I love winter. 
I love snow. 

For years we lived in New Hampshire where we experienced mountains of the white stuff!  I miss it. 


We had a beautiful snowfall on New Year’s Eve and into New Year’s Day.  It’s all gone. Today in the Chicago area the temperature is supposed to reach the upper 50’s. There are thunderstorms in the forecast. 

In Chicago…
In January!

What’s up with that?

A couple of weeks ago I launched my new snow-themed blog template.  I guess it’s just my way of ensuring that I’ll be able to enjoy snow even if the ground in my yard isn’t white!

Another way is to blog about snow….and snowmen. As I took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday, I consoled myself by leaving out a few snowmen.  Maybe they can help keep the feeling alive for a few more weeks…maybe even months. 


I’ve also been reading a GREAT book to my little guy.  Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night??  Wonder no more…this book reveals the unbelievable truth!  Here’s a little glimpse:


…And having two snow white cats doesn’t hurt either!


And just in case you want to see more of the real thing, how ’bout an entire website dedicated to snow pictures???



12 responses

  1. I was just sitting down to post a picture of my crazy kids running around in shorts and t-shirts when I saw this. When I told Rachel last week that the snow was melting she was devastated, and somehow thought it was my fault. 🙂 Today they aren't complaining as it is 62 out and is supposed to be the same tomorrow–sigh. Next week it will be freezing again–too bad all the rain we are getting this week couldn't wait to be snow next week.

  2. You are surprised by warm weather in Chicago in January? You lived out of state too long. All of our snow melted, but we are do for more tonight. Just wait, it's heading your way. I really like the new look to your blog.

  3. Hello! I saw you joined my bloglog community and added me to your friends, so I thought I'd come over and say hello! I believe you've commented on my sister's, SuperAngel, and mom's, JacqueDixonSoulRestES, blogs. ; )

    I don't enjoy winter too much… in fact I could do without, but the pictures of snow and the white blanket across the fields and yards is pretty. Thanks for sharing!


  4. We got that book once, the boys really enjoyed it aswell. Today was near 70 here in TN, beautiful to go outside….I love winter only when it snows- which isn't very often….I myself am longing for spring and gardening time to come.

  5. That's what the temperature actually got up to today!! It was downright WEIRD being outside! There were tornadoes just north of us. Strange day.

  6. I love your new blog look! We had rain Sunday night and then 60 degree weather yesterday and supposed to have similar temps today. My son is very upset-there's not enough snow to sled down the hill.
    But, by Friday, we're supposed to get more.
    That book about snowmen looks fantastic-I'm going to look for that for my youngest.
    Adorable cats-I love how cats find the funniest places to sleep. I relax vicariously thru our cat-LOL. Holly

  7. Isn't snow gorgeous??!! The only thing I don't like about it is that it's cold. =P

    I have a 3 foot tall snowman that I keep out all year. I love snowmen! =D

    And I'm going to see if our library has that book and force my kids to read it with me… mwahahaha!

  8. It snowed here on New Year's Day for a grand total of 15 minutes. Today it was 74 degrees and we are having tornado warnings. There may be something to this global warming that my friend Al talks about so much.

  9. glad all our snow melted. It has been in the 50's here too. It is so nice. I really can't stand winter. I will be so happy when spring is here.
    That would be neat to have another firend on here. Hope she starts to blog!!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day!!
    Love, Prayers and Blessings,

  10. We love that book – it's a bedtime story choice at our house at least twice a week, year round. The boys love looking for the hidden pictures and pointing out their favorite snowmen.
    Beyond the book, though, I can't say I'm a fan of snow…hate the cold, hate the mess tracked in, hate having to have the dogs inside all day, hate the road conditions, blech!

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