My Little Girl is 19!

November is a crazy month for our family.  My husband’s birthday is in November and three of our children were born in November.  Little Guy celebrated his last week.  This week Janna and Nina both celebrate theirs.  First Janna though….

Nineteen years ago, on the day after Thanksgiving, our second baby girl was born.  She has filled our home with laughter since the beginning.  She’s always been an imp. 

At 2, after being scolded by her daddy, she announced, "Well, Thumper’s father says, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all!’"

At about 4, as we were getting ready for church she announced, "I don’t have to go to church.  I already know TONS about God."

At about 5, during an evening meltdown, she yelled, "It’s because you gave me all that sugar!"…and several moments later, "I don’t think I like living here anymore!"

Well, she has matured considerably, and personally, I hope she keeps living here for a very long time!!

Happy Birthday, Janna!


5 responses

  1. The imp quotes had me chuckling! She sounds like a doll…. And she looks like one, too!
    Happy Birthday, Janna!

    (And that b&w photo is stunning!!!!!)

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