The Little Guy Turns 4!

Four years ago today, the Lord brought about a miracle in our lives.  He gave us a gift that we would never have dreamed of choosing for ourselves.  When we would have chosen to grow old, He gave us someone to keep us young.  When we would have chosen to relax, He decided to keep us running.  When we would have chosen peace and quiet, He gave us noise…lots of noise!  And when we would have been willing to wait for grandsons, He gave us a son!

So with hearts filled with gratitude to God for His amazing gift to our family, we say,

"Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!"

6 responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Little Guy! =D
    He is gorgeous!
    May I say that in reference to one of the male species?
    Love the Yippee! shot! All the pics are awonderful…

  2. He is such a handsome young "man"… I love your picture diary… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and may he have a long and happy childhhod.. *S*
    Have a great week…

  3. What great pictures!

    We have a little man, too, to keep us young. Red will be three soon. And we are old enough to be his grandparents. We are very happy he is with us.

    Isn't wonderful that God is in control of our lives – and not us?

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