An Unconventional Approach to Higher Education


My second daughter, Janna, graduated from homeschool last spring.  She was NOT interested in going away to college…and I’m not sure that even using ALL CAPS emphasizes that statement quite strongly enough!  She REALLY wasn’t interested in college!  She’s a great student and we really felt that she could do well in college, so we began to look into other options.  There’s a great community college nearby, and that was, of course, option #1.  But even that didn’t thrill her. 

Over the summer I ran into a company called College Plus!  at a homeschool convention in California. College Plus! is an accelerated distance learning program for Christian young adults.  In addition to assisting students in developing and following an academic "roadmap" toward earning a college degree, the program also emphasizes Christian character and life-purpose planning.  Students are mentored throughout the entire process by qualified young men and and women who have earned their own degrees through accelerated distance learning…many in less than 24 months.  College Plus’ greater purpose is to raise up Christians leaders in our world today.  I am impressed. 

In order to earn an accelerated degree, students first earn college credit by preparing for and taking exams which prove proficiency in college-level courses.  These examinations are called CLEP tests (College Level Examination Program) and DANTES (DSST Program) and can be taken at testing centers at many local colleges. 


So about 4 weeks ago, Janna enrolled in the College Plus! program.  Yesterday she passed her first CLEP test and now has 6 college credits under her belt.  6 credits…in 4 weeks.  She should have 15 credits by Thanksgiving and hopes to have 40-50 credits within 3 months. 

The cost is just a fraction of what it would cost to earn her degree in a traditional manner.   Her first 6 credits amounted to about $120 in preparation and testing costs.  In the end, her total costs will likely not exceed $10,000.  $10,000 for a fully accredited (MSCHE) degree from a well-respected college. 

I just wonder why more people aren’t earning college degrees this way. 




3 responses

  1. I have never heard of such a thing! It's still a few years away for us, but I'm tucking this information to the back of my brain (probably not all that safe of a place!).

  2. Hello! I recently stumbled across your blog, and I just have to leave you a comment. I'm a former CollegePlus student! I received my degree from TESC in June of this year. My coach was Rachel Eddy, and I loved being able to earn credits from home through such a godly program. It's neat to see that it's gaining in popularity. 🙂


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog-I've enjoyed reading yours and love all the pictures. My oldest is almost 12 so I have a little time before college, but this is good information to know. Thanks you! Holly

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