No Time For Blogging!


I’m not a big fan of Halloween.  I am, however, a big fan of free candy.  And I figure if I’m giving free candy to my neighbor’s kids, the least they can do is give free candy to mine.  The kid that likes to trick-or-treat the most is now 17.  In fact, for the last few years, she’s been the only one who wanted to go. 


 This year, she’s actually got three "events" to wear a costume to.  So she decided to think BIG.  This year (well, yesterday) she decided that she wants to wear a period costume.  Something 1750ish.  Not a commoner.  A lady.  A commoner would have been easy.  Did I mention that she needs to wear the dress to a party tonight??


Yesterday we went to the fabric store and bought a pattern and fabric.  I haven’t sewn something this difficult in years.  She’s helping, though.


So anyway….today there will be no time for blogging.


I’ll take a picture when we’re done!




4 responses

  1. We have never "done" Halloween. Of course we live in the country and the closest neighbor is a 1/2 miles away. BUT we do Hallelujah parties…. which are a blast. The kids get lots of candy, prizes and game time. My dd has enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Now if we did "do" Halloween… I'd go as Cousin It from the Addams family. My hair is long (I can sit on it) – I have combed it all in the front over my face, stuck my glasses on my nose.. and there it is! Cousin It 🙂

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