Weekend in the Northwoods

We had a GREAT weekend playing, raking and relaxing.  Northern Wisconsin is beautiful ALL the time, but it is particularly beautiful in the fall. 


Some of the highlights….

  • Reading by the fire
  • Baking (and eating) cookies
  • A short hike in the woods
  • Eating smores
  • Raking (blowing) LOTS of leaves
  • Pulling down a HUGE wasp nest…no wasps, thankfully!
  • Little dude swimming in the lake….the water was 51 degrees.
  • Walks on the beach
  • Breakfast out with Grandma and Grandpa
  • Winning Tripoli 2 nights in a row (I had to put this in in case my mother visits my blog!)
  • Testing our piloting skills with Grandpa’s flight similator….NOT good!

And here’s some of the fun my 3 youngest had while I worked my tail off….


3 responses

  1. Oh, that looks so beautiful and fall-ish! We are just now starting to dip into some cooler temps, and our autumn color is suffering from our summer drought. Sigh….

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