You HOMESCHOOL? I could NEVER do that!"

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Homeshool

(…and a rational response)

“My kids would drive me crazy.”

What would drive me crazy is NEVER being able to spend time with my children, since after being at school ALL day, they still have 2 hours of homework to do!

“We live in a GREAT school district.”

Unfortunately, even GREAT school districts operate under the illusion that all children can learn in a classroom with 20-30 other children, taught by a single teacher who will not begin to fully understand your child’s academic needs until well into the school year.

“I’m terrible in Algebra.”

By the time you’re done homeschooling, you’ll be BETTER in Algebra…and Chemistry….and Physics….and History.  And if not, there’s always help available!

“We can’t afford to homeschool.”

Yes, homeschooling can require sacrifice, but in financial terms, sending a child to public school can actually cost as much or more than homeschooling!  And money isn’t everything!  In academic, social and emotional terms, what is the potential cost of NOT homeschooling?  Is it a price you’re willing to pay?

“My child is too social, he’ll be bored at home.”

If your child is bored unless he’s socializing, then the worst possible place for him is in a school classroom!!

“We would get too much flack from our relatives.”

Arm yourself with statistics that expose the shortcomings of public education and the strengths of schooling at home…that’ll get them thinking!

“I wouldn’t know where to start.”

Help is available!  Find a local homeschool group and learn from those who are already doing it!

“I’m not patient enough to teach my own children!”

Since trials generally result in the development of patience, I can assure you that by the time you finish homeschooling, you’ll be the most patient mom on your block!

“But I’m not a teacher, how will I know what to do?”

Even without a teaching certificate, as a parent, you are infinitely more prepared to meet your child’s academic needs than a teacher who is responsible for the academic growth of an entire classroom of children.

“My child won’t learn how to get along in the real world.”

If you want your child to learn to get along in the real world, the best place for him would be a social environment which provides positive experiences such as acceptance, security, cooperation and mutual respect.  Where would you be more likely to find these….a public school classroom or at home?


11 responses

  1. Hi there, this is the first time I have read yr blog. I found it on Stumbleupon. I live in Australia and have been having some problems with my 6 yr old son in relation to schooling. I love the information on this blog, I love yr reasons for home schooling. Home schooling is no where near as popular in Australia but I am of the opinion that where America leads, Australia is soon to follow. I believe our schools are getting into more and more chaos and I am very interested in home schooling my young son. This blog is helping me to make that decision, also the links from yr blog are most helpful also. So thankyou, please keep supplying information for people like me, that don't have many resources for home schooling in Australia. Thanks again Jennifer Ballantyne.

  2. Im homeschooled and i love it, because i dont have to get up early and be taught in the daytime i can get taught at night or even weekends, and about the socializing thing, i always got bullied at school, so for me socializing is getting punched.
    homeschoolings great ^_^Edited by Prodoceo on Oct. 14, 2007 at 8:33 AM

  3. I'm glad you stopped by…lots of kids are now being homeschooled because of problems that they had when they were in school. I'm SO glad that you like homeschooling better! My teenagers like to sleep in and homeschool later in the day too!! Stop by again sometime!

  4. Those are some great arguements. Even after three years of homeschooling I'm still getting people asking me when we;re going to send the kids back to 'real' school. Ah, hello- never.


  5. We had an elderly lady at church who used to work in the school district tell me they HAD to help my son.. yeah, they are supposed to, and maybe they made more of an effort back in the day, but it doesn't work that way now.

    Homeschooling works for us so much more than public school ever has. For special needs kids especially I think its a must!

    God bless,

  6. And I love your list. Excellent. It wasn't until I read your list that I realized I am starting to get a little anxious to spend some extended time with my grandmother at Thanksgiving and deal with her homeschooling "comments". Your list reminded me to prepare myself to gracefully defend our choice for our family. Thanks!
    -KC –

  7. Stumbled upon your blog post. As a fellow homeschooler, I agree completely, especially with the first one. I don't understand how public school parents can say that they can't wait for school to start or to get away from their children for a vacation. I've heard it several times and I'm just dumbfounded.

    I have my own homeschool blog at:

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