Yet Another Reason…..

Last week I posted The Top 10 Reasons Why I Homeschool, but my list is growing!  A few days ago I added Reason #11 and now I’ve stumbled on yet another reason why I won’t send my daughters to public school!

I was "blog-surfing" the other day and happened upon Reason #12 HERE in a blog by HSB Senior Editor, Tia Linschied.

The #12 Reason Why I Homeschool:

At school in my home, my girls "won’t have to face an onslaught of feminine product mayhem."



2 responses

  1. You'll be up to 100 in no time! =D

    I guess I'd stay in troube with the school system. I'd just keep mine home during the time…. =P

  2. All excellent reasons! Can hardly wait until you reach 100, and beyond…cos we all KNOW the numbers are infinite.

    BTW…followed a link in your sig from the Homeschool-Illinois e-group. Hello!

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