Top 10 Reasons Why I Homeschool: #11

I just have to add another reason to my "Top 10 Reasons Why I Homeschool" list. 


I was reading a wonderful post (you go, Dippy!) the other day on JenIG’s GREAT blog about her son finally starting to read.  It reminded me of yet another reason why I homeschool.

Reason #11:  Homeschooled kids don’t get put into the "dumb" reading group or get "labeled" just because they aren’t ready to read by the age of 6. 


My firstborn was a natural learner…the kind that could learn in a room with no windows or doors.  The kind that makes you think you’re a REALLY great teacher…heck, they’ll probably be calling you to speak at a homeschool convention soon!


My second born reduced my lofty view of myself to something akin to dirt.


#2 has a late birthday, so she was almost 6 when she started kindergarten.  I expected her to be reading Shakespeare by Christmas.  By Christmas, she wasn’t reading Hop on Pop….or anything!  But I wasn’t too concerned…after all, she was only in Kindergarten. 


By the end of Kindergarten I began to get a teensy bit concerned.  By the end of 1st grade, panic set in!  Back then (it was the early 90’s) I felt like I was homeschooling in a fishbowl surrounded by hungry cats!  I had something to prove and this child was not helping me prove it!


How silly I was back in those early years.  When she was ready, she started to read…WELL!  By the age of 10, she could read a Nancy Drew book in 2 hours and 36 minutes, give or take a few minutes. 


Which brings me back to Reason #11.  Before becoming a homeschool mom, I was a PS teacher…a special ed teacher.  I KNOW what would have happened to my daughter if she had been in school.  She would probably still be wearing the label.



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  1. I know you posted this awhile ago – but I was perusing your blog.

    In 4th grade I decided to chuck most of the schooling and focus ONLY ON READING! Blondie struggled with reading and I figured the only way to overcome this was have that as the main focus. We threw in a little math – but that was it. I wanted her to get to the point where she enjoyed reading – she WANTED to enjoy reading. I took her to Barnes and Noble and told her to pick out any book she wanted. She started with the Magic Treehouse. She liked it. I promised to buy her one each week if she could read it. By October I had to tell her I would only buy her one a week. By the end of winter she had read 32 of them. She now loves to read.

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