My Long and Winding Path

My own homeschool journey began more than 20 years ago. In 1985, I received my degree in Elementary Education, was certified in Illinois as a teacher and began my teaching career. I began thinking about homeschooling while still a student, preparing for my career as an educator. It was the mid 80’s and homeschooling was not as "mainstream" as it has become in the first part of the 21st century. But way back then, I had the privilege of knowing a few "trailblazers" and was intrigued by the freedom that they were experiencing in the education of their children. I was also extremely impressed by the quality of the education that their children were receiving!


So in 1991, after spending several years observing and learning from some experienced travellers, we began to forge our own homeschool road.  Now, 16 years later, home schooling is still a big part of our family life, despite the graduation of our two oldest daughter.  DD20 is a junior at Northern Illinois University, majoring in Elementary Education…yep, she wants to teach.  DD18 is beginning to work on her college degree with College Plus!, an outstanding organization which mentors Christian students through the process of earning an accelerated distance learning degree from home.   DD16 is still a high school junior who is enjoying taking some fun courses this year!  Next year, we will begin the homeschooling process all over again with our "surprise blessing", DS3, who will turn 4 in November!


Over the years I have had many opportunities which have uniquely qualified me to be a help and encouragement to the home school community. As a certified teacher, I have spent time as a classroom teacher and aide. In my 16 years as a home schooling mom, I have had the joy of providing 100% of my children’s academic instruction. I have employed the use of many different types of curriculum and a number of different teaching styles and have been actively involved in the organization and leadership of a local home school support group. In addition, I have worked as an educational consultant for a large homeschool curriculum company which has provided me the opportunity to provide assistance to numerous homeschoolers nationwide.


The desire to share my passion for homeschooling with others has finally found an outlet!  A year ago, we launched a homeschool consulting company, Prodoceo Home Education and Tutoring Services.  It is my sincere hope that this endeavor would provide me with the privilege of assisting other homeshoolers who are trying to find their way on this long and winding road! 




Thanks so much for stopping by! Would love to hear your thoughts!

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